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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Biomedical applications of Jones-matrix tomography to polycrystalline flms of biological fuidsUshenko, V.A.; Sdobnov, A.Yu.; Mishalov, W.D.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Olar, O.V.; Bachinskyi, V.T.; Ushenko, A.G.; Ushenko, Yu.A.; Wanchuliak, O.Ya.; Meglinski, I.
2019Death due to occasional pneumatic injury: typical characteristicsBachinskyi, V.T.; Pavliukovych, O.V.; Malyshev, V.V.; Pavliukovych, N.D.
2019Diagnostics of the time since death by the method of azimuthal-invariant polarizing microscopy of the human eye vitreous bodyBachinskyi, V.T.; Sarkisova, Yu.V; Vanchuliak, O.Ya; Garazdiuk, M.S.; Palyvoda, O.G.
2019Features of forensic medical examination of corpses at shot with pneumatic weapons (case report)Bachinskyi, V.T.; Pavliukovych, O.V.; Malyshev, V.V.; Pavliukovych, N.D.
2019Influence of ethyl alcohol on accuracy of time since death estimation by the method of avtofluorescent laser polyarimetry of polycrystalline films of cerebrospinal fluidGarazdiuk, M.S.; Bachinskyi, V.T.; Garazdiuk, O.I.; Ivaskevich, I.B.
2018Jones-matrix mapping of complex degree of mutual anisotropy of birefringent protein networks during the differentiation of myocardium necrotic changesUshenko, Yu.A.; Bachinskyi, V.T.; Vanchuliak, O.Ya.; Dubolazov, O.V.; Garazdyuk, M.S.; Ushenko, V.A.
2019Modern methods and new trends for forensic medical assessment of electrical current marksBachinskyi, V.T.; Vanchulyak, O.Ya.; Savka, I.G.; Garazdiuk, M.S.; Kozlov, S.V.; Kostenko, E.Ya.
2019Post-mortem interval estimation by changes in the optical density of the vitreous humourBachinskyi, V.T.; Sarkisova, Yu.V.; Vanchuliak, O.Ya.; Garazdiuk, M.S.; Palyvoda, O.G.
2018Stokes-correlometry of polarization-inhomogeneous objectsUshenko, A.G.; Dubolazov, A.V.; Bodnar, G.B.; Bachinskyi, V.T.; Vanchuliak, O.